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The Continuous Tongue

The tongue's relationship to the body like you've never seen it before

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What role does the tongue play in craniofacial development, bags under the eyes,

vision, posture, and much, much more?

Have you wanted to understand how the tongue affects your body and health more in-depth? Did you ever want to understand it beyond vague answers like, "everything is connected?" The Continuous Tongue course was created by an osteopathic physician who has been studying the tongue and its role throughout the body for over 6 years. This course is perfect for professionals that are interested in the tongue from myofunctional therapists to physicians. 

Get ready to go through a journey unlike one you've taken before. This course is about a lot more than the tongue. You're going to learn about far more than just the tongue. Here's a small sample of things you will learn: 

  • How mouth breathing changes the shape of the skull

  • How your resting tongue posture affects overall posture

  • How a tongue tie can cause forward head posture

  • The hidden benefits of chewing strongly

  • How your tongue can prevent "bags under your eyes"

  • And much, much more

  • Daniel Lopez, D.O. before speaking at the IAOM in 2018

    Hi, I'm Dr. Daniel Lopez...

    I started really studying the tongue and its effects on the body about 6 years ago after my oldest daughter was born. After seeing how she could open her jaw farther and how the rest of her face changed after a tongue tie release, I became very curious to understand it. 

    During that time, I have had several tongue tie releases myself. They were powerful, but I could not explain all the changes that took place from it. The more I studied it, the more I learned that the tongue had an effect on the whole body. 

    But It's About More Than Just The Tongue

    The more I studied, the more I understood this was far more complex that I first realized. The tongue affects craniofacial development, body posture, vision, and much more. In 2018, I gave a talk at a International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) titled "How the Tongue Affects the Rest of the Body."

    Part of the problem

    But where I really struggled was being able to explain clearly where my observations came from. I didn't have a visible way of demonstrating that the tongue truly did affect the rest of the body. I observed this with my patients during osteopathic treatments, but nothing was obviously visible. Since that time, I have figured out a way to demonstrate how tongue posture affects body posture. But that's not all.... 

    I have learned much more since then. 

    That's why I created The Continuous Tongue course.  

But I'm Still Developing It...

Right now this course is not close to ready. It's still in its early stages and have not yet achieved my vision. But this course may take a while for me to finish putting together and I want to start sharing the material for those who want to learn...

So I have an "Early Bird Discount" right now for $47 for this course. 

You can get access to it and all the future content for a fraction of the price others will pay once it's completed. 

But there is a catch...

Those who pick up The Continuous Tongue course while it's being developed are my "beta testers." I want your feedback regarding any glitches, problems, content, or anything else that you notice. 

My goal with this course is to blow your mind. With this course, I want to connect dots and fill in the gaps in clear way for professionals who are involved with the tongue to the point where you will never look at the tongue the same. This information is unlike any other you've ever seen. If you sign up for the course, go through all the material, and you do not feel like you learned a single thing, then let me know before 30 days and I will refund you your money. No questions asked.  

Take A Peek Inside 

  • Foundational Module - The basics that the rest of the course is based on

  • Craniofacial development

  • Tongue and lip ties effects throughout the body

  • Effects on eyes and vision

  • The tongue's effects on posture

  • Fascial connections

  • ...And More

  • Here's What You Get With This  Course

  • Access to all the modules and presentations (as they are added)

  • Hours worth of content

  • Helpful tips

  • Access to me for questions and feedback

  • For a limited time only you can get this course for a fraction of the price when The Continuous Tongue is completed

    Early Bird Discount Is ONLY $47

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course may still be helpful, but is designed for those without any underlying pathologies. It is assumed that you have been cleared by your doctor. In general if you can be adjusted by a chiropractor, you can safely do these maneuvers.

    No, these are simple hands-on maneuvers aimed at getting longer relief than stretches and exercises generally provide. They're easier to do than stretches and exercises and can work well in conjunction with them.

    Because there can be so many different causes of neck pain, I cannot guarantee results. It would be unethical for me to do that. This course does not replace diagnosis or medical treatment. What I can guarantee you is that you will be getting to areas that neither your massage therapist, physical therapist, or massage therapist are getting to. 

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